Physics Now! is now available.

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In the works for a long time now, it is finally time to reveal our new physics simulation plugin for After Effects.

The plugin works right inside After Effects. We call it “intergrated” because it works almost like any other feature you already know in AE. Simply tag a layer as static or dynamic. Make changes to the settings in the effects controls panel. Animate properties on your timeline and preview the simulation inside AE.

It was a real joy to work on the trailer and site animations because this plugin just works and is really easy to setup. Feels like a new feature, not a plugin.

This release is the first version of the plugin and we have focused on getting the basic workflows just right. An update is planed for late summer / fall which will bring much more features to the plugin. This will be a free update, so get it now. Get used to the workflow. And look forward to a big expansion in a few month.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have comments or feature requests for the plugin.

And always: Share it if you like it!

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