New supplier of tools for After Effects and video

Mikey Borup of Cinema Spice, Joe Clay of Workbench and Paul Conigliaro have joined together and created is a growing collaborative and marketplace for After Effects and video tools.

They make professional tools that are aimed at making the life easier for motion designers and video creators.

They believe that with the right tools you will get more work done faster, and I couldn’t agree with them more. But just as important, in my opinion, tools are also a great source of inspiration. They give you new possibilities and inspire you to work in a different way, which will lead you to think different and create things you otherwise wouldn’t have thought about.

This doesn’t get much clearer than with their latest addition, Glitchlord! Not alone is that one of the most hardcore names for a product since Ford’s Thunderbird, it is also a huge selection of animated design elements that you can use in your projects. I know. We are all designers and we could do those our self. Probably true, but not all projects have the time or budget for us to custom design everything. What is great about this package is the generic nature of the elements. You will be able to use these in your own creative work. Check it out below.

Besides Glitchlord, the site also has the best tools from Mikey and Conigs. Products like SFX Mega Pack and Key Cloner, which you should check out if you don’t already know them.

With the amazing three people behind this site I am very optimistic about its future in the growing market of creative tools. I really look forward to see what they will bring us in the future.

Right now and until December 6th 2019 you can get some of these products at a discounted price.

Go to and see all their products.