Physics Now!

The new version 2 of Physics Now! have just been released. It contains several new features and improvements. These includes:

Joints – Probably the most requested feature. You can now connect layers with one of the four joint types. Or combine them for complex setups.

Debug Layer – A special layer that will show you the exact cages that is generated from your layers before simulation. A great way to get an overview of your simulation. It is also extremely useful when working with the new joints.

Randomize – Some physics properties can now be randomized. Properties like Bounce, friction or initial forces can now be randomized to easily create simulations with more realism.

Text Break options – You now have the option to break text to words or lines as well as characters. You can also automatically connect all the characters with joints for easy text chains.

Hold SHIFT for settings – If you have worked with Physics Now! v1, then you probably been in a situation where you want to set physics settings on multiple layers. Due to the nature of After Effects this have not been possible. In version 2 a new feature allows that. This will sped up your workflow.

+ more

Watch this video for an introduction to most of the new features:

Performance – When simulating, or when doing anything on a computer really, you do not want to wait for the result. Version 1 wasn’t slow. For some things it was actually pretty fast. But version 2 is much faster.

I have been going through practically every single line of code, to make it as fast as possible. And it payed of. The new version has much better performance. What’s great is, that when I was done optimizing it Adobe released AE2020 which also have massive performance improvements. So, combine Physics Now! v2 with AE2020 and performance is just incredible.

Better cages – Another important improvement is the bezier path analyzer. In the video above I explain how all shapes are converted into polygons before simulated. In version 1 this was done with a small hack utilizing the path expressions in AE. In version 2 this is done with advanced bezier math instead. Not alone is this making it faster. It also gives you much better collision cages that better represent your shape.

All together this finishes off a massive new release of Physics Now! which really puts it in a place where not alone does it have an awesome workflow, it also have a lot of advanced features.

The future

The future looks pretty bright for this plugin. With a rapidly growing user base and a code base that is now completely optimized, it will be a no brainer that development of this plugin will continue. And I am really looking forward to see how far I can push this.