Physics Now! v2

Integrated Physics Simulation – for After Effects.

Physics Now! adds a full 2D physics engine to the After Effects toolset. This makes it fast and easy to create simulations directly on After Effects timeline.

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Physics Now! v2

Integrated Physics Simulation – for After Effects


One license per user. Can be installed on up to two devices simultaneous. Trial miss every 50 frame from the sim and works for 7 days.

Available for After Effects 2018 and later.

Fast and easy to use

Work in After Effects interface and timeline.

To create a simulation simply tag a layer as DYNAMIC or STATIC. Then hit SIMULATE and watch your simulation playback on your After Effects timeline.

You make all physics settings on your layers. They will follow along if you reorder or rename your layer or even if you copy the layer to another composition. And they will be saved in the After Effects project where they will be ready for you the next time you open it.

With the layers regular IN and OUT points you control at which time a layer exists in the physics world.

Be ready to simulate like a pro in NO time!

Works with all visible layers

The convenient workflow makes it easy to set everything up.

Most shape layers are simulated automatically with no extra work. If you have complex shape layers you can easily create a Collision Cage for them.

Shape layers can be solid or hollow. Simply disable or delete the fill and the shape layer is considered hollow. Hollow layers can contain other layers.

To define a Collision Cage to layers like compositions, images, or other imported files you can simply add a layer mask. This can even be done automatically using After Effects Auto-Trace.

Simulate text layers

Split them. Chain them. Simulate them. Bounce them around in zero gravity.

Text layers are automatically simulated with no extra work required. They can be kept as one layer or split into separate characters, words, or lines. They can even be jointed together in chains, just by checking a few setting boxes.

Oh, and don’t worry about that text splitting. Physics Now!’s workflow is 100% nondestructive.

Animate physics properties

– And do it on After Effects familiar timeline.

Animate physics properties like Bounce, Friction or Density to gain control over the simulation. Or physics world properties like Gravity or Time Scale to make layers float or simulate in slow motion. All properties are animated on your familiar After Effects timeline.

Layers with animated position or rotation using either keyframes or expressions will follow this animation until their animation stops. After the last keyframe the physics properties will take over and inherit the layers end velocity.

Both static and dynamic layers can be animated.

Connect layers with joints

Sounds technical but don’t worry – Physics Now! makes it easy.

Distance, Revolve, Slide and friction joints each have their own functionality. Add one of the four joints to connect two or more layers. Or create advanced rigged setups and simulations by combining the different joint types.


The fastest way to natural variation.

It is easy add randomization to the physics properties by adjusting a few settings.

Randomize bounce, friction, forces and more will give your simulation a more natural look or you can use randomize to make your simulations more interesting to look at.

Get it NOW!

It’s time to add all the features above and more to your toolset.


One license per user. Can be installed on up to two devices simultaneous. Trial miss every 50 frame from the sim and works for 7 days.

Available for After Effects 2018 and later.

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